The Cutest Archie Story!

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I found this on Fans Of David:

Click “Read More” for a story from Sammi (meeting David in the restaurant Chipotle) and David from Lexington:


Sammi’s Story:

Mom was repeatedly asking if I was thirsty and such the whole time we
were there, finally I gave in and said I was and she went off to
Chipotle to get us drinks.

She said she didn’t even notice him,that a few little girls were
giggling at something by her and then rushed off to their mom, so she
looked behind her and … david on his phone saying “I’m at a burrito

She said she was just like, “Omg. That’s him.”
(rofl,”thats him” so blunt.)

And the waitress/server didn’t seem to know who he was,
but that she was like “Oh you’re a cutie (:”
and when she asked to stay/to go, he said to go
and my mom was like “yeah he has a concert to get to:P”
and that he gave his little laugh.

Back at the venue, as I’m wondering when the buses will get there,
She called me and says “David’s behind me on line at Chipotle!”

I froze.

Are you serious?”

I thought I was hallucinating.
And she told me she was serious,
but that the lines move VERY fast, so I had to hurry if I was coming.

I grabbed my poster, the archbook (a book with letters from some
fans), my moms book she was reading, camera,phone and looked like SUCH
a spaz trying to run fast with all of it hahaha.

Finally got there and burst in the door,
to see the back of *his* head,standing RIGHT NEXT to her.

I was glued to the spot.

Eventually it hit me how close I was,
(this happened in a matter of seconds,but it seemed like an eternity)
And I ran over to my mom as she got off the line with our drink.

I just stood next to her,staring at him.
Soaking in that here was David Archuleta,
*right* here 2 feet away,
WITHOUT a barricade and 200 other screaming girls.

When he got off the line and was right there, I couldn’t even speak.
I don’t remember the question even being asked but I’m assuming
it was my mom who asked for the picture.

I felt really bad because he was on his phone still,
and he was kinda hesitant since I guess he was rushing back to
the bus with his burrito.

But he gave his little laugh,
and I think *all* I managed to say was “really quick”
rofl. i was in total shock meltdown.
And my mom was like saying since he didn’t have time in NY,
and I think that kinda did it? Knowing I was all the way from NY?
Cause he took one real quick.

And then I ran back to the venue , squeezed back up by the barricade
and awaited the buses.

That’s the most sweetest story! The mom heard him saying, “I’m at a burrito place”! I would love to hear how he said “burrito” 😀 . That’s so amazing 🙂 !


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