Cookie loves his mic stand!

September 2, 2008 at 6:11 pm Leave a comment

It’s true!

Cookie is so sweet! He apologized for not wearing a bracelet he didn’t wear thate he was given. Sweet guy. I love that “Talk Amongst Yourselves” comment LOOL!

Today is Request and Download Tuesday! So come on, buy another copy or gift one to someone who doesn’t have it yet. If you are unable to do that, request it at your local radio station! We need airplay support for Crush,  so let’s get it up and running, eh?! Today was the official Radio Release Date, so now there’s more of a chance they’ll play it. But…be nice 🙂 . Go to for full details on the wonderful event 🙂 !

I’d like some help. If any of you have a story, a video, a comment, any little thing, you can send it to me at If you already send your stories and videos to another site like Rickey, FansofDavid, Fanblast, etc., don’t worry. I’m not trying to steal anyone from those sites. I’d just like this to become an extra fansite to the wonderful family. I read this comment on Rickeys that I’d just like to bring up for a second:

Personally – I don’t care what people who are trying to promote their own site say. I just know that Fanblast and Rickey always provide up-to-date information, quickly and in an interesting way. When send a stranger to a forum I send them to Fanblast because I know it is a clean forum. If I know they also like to participate in (or at least won’t mind) occasional fangirlyness over the Archucutie, then I send them here.

violet4ever on September 2, 2008 at 5:14 pm

This is well said. I’m not bringing you out or anything violet, if you’re reading this, I just wanted to make a great point about this. She’s right, Rickey and Fanblast are the most amazing sites, and they are probably the founders of David Archuleta Population. Then come sites like FansOfDavid which is also an amazing site. Then come ones like this. Very new, still need support. I’m not trying to take anything away from any of the majro sites. I’d like to thank Rickeys, Fanblast, and FansOfDavid, since alot of my content so far comes from them. I am pretty much promoting their content. Just wanted to bring this up if anyone had any issues. I am from the Rickey family originally, starting from awhile back, but recently became also in the TeamArchie/Fanblast family. We all kind of belong in different Archie site families, and that’s amazing. I just found this site as a way of being able to do something for David, since, being 14, i can’t do very much. This is my way of giving back to David.

Sorry for my rambling, just wanted to bring the issue up, just incase anyone ahd concerns. Thanks to violet for the great comment!!

Here is a cute story my friend ITTO from Rickey’s found:

Did you guys see this concert recap from a Carly/David/David fan over at IDF? You have to see this:

This is my favorite part:

“The last and final person to come out was David Archuleta! He came out running and giving people high five’s. He came over to our side first, and signed for the people to the right of me. My mom was trying to get his attention because I’m physically handicapped, so it was kind of hard for me haha. He finally came over to me and I had an actual conversation with him!

*My mom hands him my tour book, signs it*

David: Hi, how are you?
Me: I’m great, thanks! You were amazing tonight!
David: Aww thank you sweetie (YES, he called me that hahaha).
Me: I thanked him again.
Then he SHOOK MY HAND (hgfihfgih) and walked away!”


How many girls have had the pleasure of being called “sweetie” by The Crusher? I’m willing to bet not many. Lucky girl. )

ITTO on September 2, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Just when you thought David couldn’t get more wonderful!


Both vids credit to and arlysv !


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Minneapolis Video! The Radio Recording is coming!

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