New COOKLETA VLOG/3 Days Left D:/”Crawling Under The Table” Mystery Solved!/Crush Video Update

September 10, 2008 at 1:19 am Leave a comment

1) Yaay! David’s still keeping tabs on us :D. Here’s his newest VLOG from a technicolour Detroit Airport: Bonus Feature: It’s a COOKLETA VLOG!

2) Oh no, only three days left! Let’s see, what are they…

  • September 10 Ft. Wayne, IN – Allen County Memorial Coliseum
  • September 11 Evansville, IN – Roberts Stadium
  • September 13 Tulsa, OK – BOK Center

Awwwh no. Only three more days?? Oh well, we know the end of the tour is the beginning of amazing things to come. Let’s just keep praying the Cookleta, which I have renamed “David Sqaured” will never split up, and always have something to do with eachother for the rest of their careers!
Too bad there won’t be much news tommorow, as I think today was their day off 😦 . Get some rest Idols (Archie :D)!

3) Thank you to Fanblast and amyinpa1972 for giving us the answer to our “crawling” mystery. Many fans speculated that David Archuleta was either hiding form the mean reporter, tried to scare Jason, or dropped a NutterButter down there. Were we right? Check it out!

Here’s the original “Crawling Under The Table” Video that made history:

4) Well, unless you are totally zoned out of ODD, you know that Crush did leak out, but was taken off the next day. I guess we weren’t right about the intentional leak theory? I, as well as Fans Of David, has chosen not the emmbed the video, as we feel it was not right that it was leaked early. It’s like looking at your Christmas Presents a week before Christmas. It’s ruined…oh well, we’re still waiting for that high-quality TV version! And who knows, maybe the leaked video was only the rough cut! What will the final cut be like?? 🙂

Have fun Angels!


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