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Unless you Archie’s are living under a rock….or maybe under a Nutter Butter ( 🙂 ), you must know that David Archuleta’s Crush Video has now premiered on Itunes! And let me tell you, I couldn’t have missed it….to many notifications…behold! sends us an email promo:

It states:

“CRUSH” Premiere Today on iTunes
It’s finally arrived! You can get David’s new video “Crush” exclusively at iTunes. Download it now!

Call David at 801.386.8196 and leave a message with your feedback on the video – he wants to hear from you!

Yaay! Lool. When I read that last part, I just had to go check to see if he sent a text message about this (my dad canceled text-messaging on my phone, so I have to check online now). This is what I found:

Hence, it states:

David says: Call me @ (801) 386-8196 to hear my exciting news! The Crush video is live on iTunes 2day. Thx for the amazing support & messages!

Ahaha. Now, if calling Utah is long distance for you…which it is for me (I live in Ontario, Canada), then I have found your perfect solution!

This is a way to be able to make FREE LONG DISTANCE CALLS TO ALL OF NORTH AMERICA! I’ll tell you how this works. It is a computer-calling software, something like Skype, that lets you call long-distance in anywhere in North America. Here is the difference between Skype and this:

1) IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! No spam, you don’t need to do any offers. It is in beta mode, so that it why it is free right now.

2) You don’t need to download any software. It uses the Active X Control capability in Internet Explorer so that you can call from your browser.

It’s really awesome, u just have to make a quick account with an email, and you’re through! U can call any phone number for free that is located in North America! As far as I know, your ISP ‘shouldn’t’ get charged. Just remember, you’ll have to press 1 again and sign up for David’s mob using EarthCaller before you get his latest message, because you will at first get his main welcome message, until you sign up :). No worries, it doesn’t make a difference or do anything, just press 1. EDIT: Apparently, at the moment Earthcaller is not available due to them increasing it’s capacity because it has become so popular. If someone wouldn’t mind recording the message for me and sending it to, that would be very appreciated. I would record it myself, but I can’t unless I find a way other than EarthCaller to make ftree long distance computer calls. So if anyone can record it, please do and send it to me! Then I will post it up here 🙂 .

So call now with a normal phone or using this, and see David’s new message!

He’s also got a myspace promo:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

“Crush” Music Video Premieres Today, only on iTunes!

David Archuleta’s debut music video for “Crush” premieres today, only on iTunes!  Be sure to download it!!!

10:49 – 90 Comments – 138 Kudos

Phew! You think the Crush video is getting more promo then the song itself got? Maybe 🙂 . We need to get it to NUMBER 1 ON THE ITUNES MUSIC VIDEO CHARTS!!!! FOR DAVID!

Also, to let you guys know….the Tca voting ballot is still up! you can still vote David for best smile! So go go go to and vote now!

Woaahee, what will come up next, Archie?!?!


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Tulsa’s most amazing night ever! Crush rose on place on the Itunes Top Songs Charts!

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