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Even when the tour ends, there’s always something to entertain us! Let’s see, what’s new today…

What is today? Ford Day!!!

Yes, the long-waited-for day finally came! I’m sure all you Rickeys had a fun time listening to the cellcast, while I was at school busting my mind with math problems. Oh look! Videos?? Where did they come from!!?? 🙂

Yes, this one is really blurry, but it’s the only Imagine video from there up so far. Amazing sound quality!!!!



Warning! A rumour has come true!!



Brighter Version!







Enough said 🙂 .

YES, David sang Angels, Imagine, and a…NEW SINGLE MAYBE??????
Oh Archie,  what are you doing to us!!


Looks like David was excited while checking up with us:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick hello from the dressing room

Hey guys! It’s me yet again. I got a chance to go back to utah for a few days to record and had such a great time being home! The whole family was finally able to all hang out and spend time together, and went out to eat haha. I didn’t really have time to hang out with anyone else since we did a lot of music with some cool people based in Utah, but I’m glad there was time for family. Family’s first so that was important to get in haha. Anyway I’m in Detroit right in the dressing room for a Ford executive event that Cook and I are performing at, and it should be fun. I need to get going now but just wanted to check in while I had a chance. Take care

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While David was preparing for Ford, some supposedly known “Judges” were singing praises to the 17-year-old soul singer:


But it looks like little David did some planning before he went out to the stage once again…perhaps on his ALBUM?


The holidays will officially kickoff on November 11th with an album release simply titled “DAVID ARCHULETA”

It has now been confirmed that David’s self-titled CD will be released by 19 Recordings/Jive Records on November 11, one week before AI winner David Cook. Both albums have been named as EW’s “20 Fall Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear.”

As reported on AI News



And while David was doing THAT…. Crush

dropped back down to #10, from his #9

place yesterday 😦 .


New Assignment: I want each of you to write

a paragraph with either one of these topics:


1) What You Think About His Album Name

2) Should David become a judge of AI???

3) Predictions about the Album

4) Which Album Will Prevail? The Cook or the



When more topics come to me, I will post them up. If you think you have a better topic to talk about, give it a shot! I will see what has been posted at the end of the day. You can do whatever you want, from writing a post in this entry, to emailing me a word document or a powerpoint presentation! Creaticity and quality of writing is key. you can just write a paragraph as a comment here, and it would be wonderful. At about either 10 PM ET today or tommorow morning, I will choose the winners: First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Honourable Mentions. This is just meant to be something really cute and fun, nothing serious, something interesting like what FanBlast does. So please, post up something, so the contest can go through! Enjoy!


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For The Archeys that somehow actually care about my personal life…:) Hey Angels!

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