Did the Davids skip Emmy’s?

September 22, 2008 at 9:50 pm 1 comment

I feel ashamed to say, I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last night. I watched it for a few minutes and got so bored I turned it to the Family Channel (Disney Channel in Canada :P). I knew if there was anything, it’d be all up here today. But here’s a quote from Fanblast:

September 22, 2008

David Archuleta and Cook skipped the 2008 Emmy’s After Party?!

She calls herself ‘Snoops’, a Hollywood freelancer out in the field last night.

“Nothing, nada, zilch!” she wrote us this morning.  We also checked in with other sources throughout evening and no one reported seeing both of the Davids, either at the Emmy Awards or afterparties.

(Stock Photo of David from a press event held earlier this year)

Earlier this month, People and ET announced that both Cook and DAVID ARCHULETTA were ‘confirmed’ as an invited guests at their afterparty.

At the Emmys, American Idol lost the in Best Reality Program category and Ryan Seacrest did not win as Best Reality Host.  Not a proud night for AI as Ryan was pretty much the lone representative in the entire 7100+ seat NOKIA Theatre.

People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight teamed up and staged a huge Emmy’s Post Party at the famed Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

However, coverage from the ‘Billy Idol’ Rock-Out party will be withheld until ET and EXTRA roll out their programs later today.

We might capture a glimpse of that David Archuletta guy with the 2 T’s in his name.  Sorry he’s not the one who you were hoping for.

Ahaha, Fanblast never siezes to amaze me. That last comment has me laughing for two minutes when I first read it :).
If you read the comments, you can see many Archie fans thought it was too good to be true. For lack of a better word, I think it was. It didn’t make much sense to me either. Oh well, we know we’ll all find a way to get our ODD fix someway or another. Why are we called the FANATIC FANS anyway?

Ooh, maybe this will give us a fix for our ODD:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Call David Now! 801-386-8196

David wants to hear from you!

Call 801.386.8196 and let him know what topics you want to hear him talk about!

He’ll be answering some of your questions over the next several weeks.

2:11 AM  101 Comments –  155 Kudos

Sweet Nutterbutters! Is this supposed to satisfy our ODD, or just feed to the burning fire?????

What is an Archie to do?

Headling News! Headline News! HEADLINE NEWS!

This is  STRAIGHT OFF rickey.org:

David Archuleta — To Record

2 Songs in Spanish — Angels

and Crush

Monday, September 22, 2008, 04:53 PM | David Archuleta

From ArchuletaFanScene:

[quote] David Archuleta Fan Scene has just learned that David will be recording two songs in Spanish! It is still undetermined whether or not the Spanish language versions of “Angels” and “Crush” will be on his upcoming self-titled CD. Either way, both songs will be available for purchase as digital downloads. We hear David himself will be playing the piano track for the recording of “Angels!” [/quote]

OMG — I’m so excited! Archuleta Fan Scene is a very reliable source for David Archuleta news — in fact, Todd managed the very first David Archuleta fan site on the Internet. The name ‘Arch Angels’? That came from Lupe Archuleta via Todd. Everyone send Archuleta Fan Scene some love!

I think I’m going to die! Angels and Crush in SPANISH???????????????

Who’s with me people??

Fanscene! Fanscene! Fanscene! WE ♥ YOU!!!!!

September 22, 2008

Now playing on VH1: David Archuleta’s CRUSH is in your control

Hit the ScreenCap and vote in CRUSH into the next Top 20 music video countdown!

Fanblast is doing a good job of satisfying our ODD. This is amazing! Vote Vote Vote!

I find this very ironic, that soon after I posted this comment on Fanblast:

I was dissapointed when I didn’t find what I was looking for here, but I guess from your comments it makes sense. I was surprised Cook And Archie were invited to such a randomn thing as the Emmy’s at the beginning of their career anyway. I don’t think Emmy’s is their league yet. I still believe that they never actually accepted the invitation. They were confirmed as “Invited Guests”, but that doesn’t mean they accepted the invitation. I’m pretty sure the guys are too busy anyway to attend it. Now if Archie was nominated for a Grammy….That would be a whole ‘nother friggen story! I guess we all jumped to conclusions, including me. Garrgh, I do need my David Archuleta fix today, the ODD’s straining me, and the cappacino I drank at lunch in school will not help. Hey Fanblast, I think the best thing now is just to live in the past moments, Idol, Tour, Interviews, and have fun making little tributes to satisfy our ODD a tiny bit, till we get some awesome blog or vlog from David! The last one was Ford Day right? Soon, soon, he’ll have a VLOG up, since it’s been awhile since he had a VLOG.

Aaak sorry I wrote so much I was on a roll. I guess less David News means I can concentrate more on my religion test tommorow? I wish!

….Fanblast starts going down Memory Lane 🙂
Was it me? Or do great minds think alike?
I think it should be “Archie Minds Think Alike”

Whatever inspired them to do this, check out Fanblast as it relives some of the most amazing Archie moments in Archie history!

Anyone for CHAPSTICKS???


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AND IT’S ON to the Emmy Mania! New TXT Message from David!!

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  • 1. proczuha  |  October 18, 2008 at 4:04 am

    i agreed with author. thanksq


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