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VH1 Listings Added!


Redeem the Archuleta Drop!!!!!!!!!!! (Updated: September 29th, 2008)

(Up 1 Place 😀 : Last Place- #13)

Crush-Song: #12 Top Songs Chart on Itunes

(Down 1 Place 😦 : Last place- #5)

Crush-Video: #6 Top Videos Chart on Itunes

(First Debut)

Crush-Video: #15 on VH1 Top 20 Countdown

I’ll try to get up the Amazon, etc. listings here soon!!!


Yay! We bumped out Crush-Song to #12! Two more and he’s back on the Top Ten!! But Crush-Video did go down one….oh well, we can still get it up 😀

If you still want a gifted Crush-Video, email me at . There are still 4 videos left we are trying to clear out!


“David Archuleta” Album Promo!!

So it’s not a real prmo….but it’s a wonderful promo made by an Archie with some mad editing skillz!

This should very well be on TV!!




Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Outside of the studio

Hey everyone,
I’m just checking in from the studio but if you’re wondering if I’ve been able to do anything else this last week besides working on the album, I was able to go to the Journey with Heart and Cheap Trick concert last night!! Woo Hoo! haha. The sad thing was I missed Cheap Trick and part of Heart because I was recording :(, but at least I was doing something productive and important haha. So I’m bummed I couldn’t see the first part of the show, but Heart was amazing as always.  Journey was incredible too!! I was able to go backstage and meet them during the intermission after Heart’s set, and I have to admit I was nervous because I felt like I was just bugging them and invading their space haha.  But they were waaay nice.  They have the new singer Arnel Pineda, and I can’t believe how amazing he can sing.  He’s Filipino, and blew me out of the water!  Another sad part is I didn’t bring my camera since I was thinking about recording before haha, but I tried getting pictures of them performing on my iPhone.  I’m a terrible photographer but oh well.  I actually have some really random pictures on my iphone from tour, but I think it’d be fun to post them anyway just so you can see what I tried to take pictures of wandering around haha.  But I’ll think about it, since they’re not exciting.
I definitley wanted to take a minute to thank everyone again for your support.  I can’t believe how well “Crush” is doing and I’m so happy that you all like it. Everyone has been so supportive, from the reaction to the song and video to the comments and voicemail messages I’m getting.  I’m working really hard on this album and hope everyone loves it!
Well that’s it for now.  I’ll try to post another blog soon.
Oh! P.S. haha.   I just wanted to let you know about this girl on Youtube I was shown named Savannah.  She sang a version of Crush that was cool and different.  I seriously felt honored that she would sing it lol, and she’s only 15.  So you should check it out!

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IT’S HUGE!!! I haven’t even read it yet, for your benefit I’m posting it up here first before I read it! So enjoy while I go hyperventilate and read it 🙂

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Stay Tuned For Today’s Chart Update! David’s Video :)

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