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Sorry….a little 14-year-old emotional breakdown :).
Why, do you want to know?



He’s touring in DECEMBER??????
Here is what Fanblast says:

Jingle Ball is a string of concerts, with Edition 2008 starting at The Arco in Sacramento on December 3rd –
YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!  This is the first official announcement and we expect more dates to pop out soon.  ‘Snoops’ believe that if you do ONE, then you do them ALL!

We received an email from KDND and they wanted us to share this with David Archuleta fans!  This will SELLOUT in no time so get ready to buy your tickets FAST!

Freakout! Ohmygoodness WOW! This is so amazing! Although very depressing in a way for me because it’s another tour I won’t be able to see David in……unless I pray very hard and an impossible miracle happens, I still won’t meet David…..BUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE! SAVE YOUR QUARTERS, DIMES, NICKLES, PENNIES! You will need every cent you can get to buy these tickets when they come out!!


What’s this? Maybe some “Alloy” blogging here?

Mon Oct 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Miley!

Last Sunday, I went to Miley Cyrus‘ birthday party. It was for her Sweet 16, so it was huge. It was at Disneyland, and they shut down the park for it. It was a red carpet event too. Well, the carpet was purple… along with a bunch of other stuff there since I guess that’s Miley’s favorite color… but anyway. It was a lot of fun, especially since my brothers and sisters all came down to come along since we could have guests. It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten to spend that kind of time with them, so it was awesome.

Disneyland’s definitely a happy place. They had really good food there, like pizza rolls, Asian stuff, and they even had purple sandwiches. I should have taken a picture of them or something because it was pretty crazy. So when we first got there we ate and mingled a bit, and afterwards all the invited guests rode in convertibles, sort of like a parade. I think they called it Stars and Cars? Not exactly sure. It was kinda awkward since there were people on the sidelines, and you just sat there and waved at them as you passed by, haha, but it was still fun. After that, we walked the purple carpet and did a bunch of interviews. We also had a chance to sign some things for fans who were nearby and talk for a little bit with them. When the press stuff was done, they had a concert for everyone there, and Billy Ray and Miley both performed.

Then, I got to ride the rides! We rode on the Indiana Jones ride, Space Mountain, the Matterhorn… and I guess that’s it, haha. After the rides, everyone met up to wish Miley a happy birthday and to watch fireworks. So my family had a good time, and I’m glad we were able to spend some good fun time together. I’ll try to load up some of the pictures I took at Disneyland, and I’ll let you know about anything new next week!


DAAAVIIID LMAAAAOOO! Best blog yet ever!! I think he’s getting much mroe comfortable with blogging. Purple sandwiches, lool, that would have been interesting to see 😀 . And he went on some rides??

Excuse me while I thud to the nest millenia…



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Hey, did anyone miss it??? I did! Well, here’s the replay for y’all! Here’s a wonderful Archumoment I’d like to share with you…

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