October 17, 2008 at 6:42 pm 1 comment

Remember this?

arch David Archuleta

David says: I just left an answer to a fan question. Call (801) 386-8196 to hear it now! Keep them coming! Thanks!

Well, I know I posted this text a week or two ago, but now I’ve finally gotten hold of David’s phone message and recorded it!

Sorry, it’s late, but I got it!

Incentive of listening to it?: He has quite a nice humming voice…even if it’s for a second or two!!! (Yes I couldn’t resist, I already listened to it 🙂 )

Secret Update:

David Cook has sent out his first (well, you could call it second, if you include his main welcome message) voice message! For anyone who’s a half Cook fan and supports him too, I’m going to get it recorded for you guys! Give me like 5-10 minutes and I’ll have it for you!

For your personal enjoyment while waiting: Here was Cook’s text!:

cook David Cook

David Cook says: I’ve left you a new voice message. Call me at 816-463-4003 to listen. Thanks!

Edit: Why does EarthCaller have to be tough on me?? Somehow it’s not connecting through for Cook’s number! This is frustrating. Maybe I should just wait till’ later, he did just send the text today, maybe his phone line’s jacked up a bit right now. Keep watching for it!

Personal Life Update: I had a Geography trip for the whole day today, and we went to downtown Toronto! We walked around Kesington Market, then went to the Eaton Centre to have lunch, then walked from there ALL THE WAY to the CN Tower! And we went up the CN Tower! My mom says I haven’t been up the CN Tower since I was two, so it was really cool! Was was interesting and kind of annoying is that when you are going up the CN Tower (Probably when going down to, but I had my ears plugged so I didn’t know), as you rise up higher and go into higher altitude, your ears start to feel the effect of pressure change, in other words you feel like your ear is being stuffed with something, like getting blocked, or like it’s going to pop…it’s hard to explain, but hopefully you know what i mean. It’s very annoying and can be painful to the ears. Plus you do kind of feel it’s a tiny bit harder to breathe. And somehow in the elevator, I couldn’t really hear so well either, what with was going on with my ears. but it was interesting too, LOL!


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Quick Update: You have 3 Days to register so you can VOTE in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS! Deadline: Oct 20th Sorry, looks like it’s been a Back-Track Saturday

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  • 1. sandyt  |  October 17, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    wooow!! A lot to catch up today! Those pictures at dentist office are gorgeous. BTW, that dentist is a good looking guy too. Is he David’s uncle? I heard somewhere before.


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