Sorry, looks like it’s been a Back-Track Saturday

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Gaargh, I’m not at home most of the day on Saturdays, so I guess I miss out on posting here on Saturdays. But I do want to mention one thing to you guys:

Well, before I do that, check out this awesome  Crush Remix!

Really impressive, actually, I like it!! Yay Sonic Ether!

Now to my story…

Archumoment: The “Dream”

You don’t want to know how many dreams I’ve had of David, and more or so, what they were LOOL! But this one was especially and most interestingly funny.

It’s hard to remember details and stuff, so I’ll give the general idea.

So last night, throughout the many concourse of dreams I had, I had dream where I was looking through youtube, and personally I don’t know how, but I ran across this secret video I’ve never seen before with David in it. It had something in it before that I didn’t remember, and then throughout the video came a very randomn clip, where David was with his….dare I say it….GIRLFRIEND!!!

Let me explain. I don’t really remember details at all, but through the video I think I came across this far away, a little bit high-up view of David talking to someone, I think it was an interviewer. He was facing away from the camera, and then I don’t know what he said, but at the end of his sentence came the word “girlfriend!” He said it in a kind of high-ish voice, and he was giggling about it, while he put his hands on the waist of this girl! He was behind her when he put his arms on her waist. Funny thing is, this girl was a blonde. Not Hagood, I’m pretty sure, the girl was a little shorter than David, and her blonde hair was totally straight, and she was thin and pretty, from what I could see from the view of her on the video, which did not show any of their faces. And David, from what I saw from the back-view and what I heard, was ofcourse his little shy giggly self, but it was somehow filled with…some kind of adoration to the girl? I don’t remember exactly. I do know he was wearing this amazing dark blue-ish button-up shirt…it has a name, but I don’t know what that type of shirt it is called. And then I think there were other few second clips of them, but I seriously don’t remember what they are. And funny thing is, I was going around the net trying to tell everyone, putting it up here and everything.


Whatever has been going on inside my head….it still makes me laugh that I had that kind of dream. It wasn’t bad though. In the dream, I thought he looked very cute and adorable, and that they looked like a sweet couple. Is that the same feeling I’d have if it was real, I might never know, lol 🙂 . I just thought you guys might be interested in my freakish dream.

I might have just read too much of “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” (from the Twlight Series) before I went to bed 🙂 .

Personal Life Update: I did not do anything productive today…I’m going to get in big heaps of trouble when I have to cram finishing my homework, sutdying for my religion test for Monday, and trying to complete my big Religion Assignment by Thursday, and I have one day left in the weekend to do as much as I can, while all i want to do is read “Breaking Dawn”. If anyone doesn’t know the book, it’s a book written by Stephanie Meyer, part of the popular-growing Twilight Series, started with the book “Twilight”! So now, I feel sick thinking of how I’m going to concentrate on doing my homework and studying enough that I can get a decent mark on my test, while completing mostof my assignment to get a decent mark on that too, since it’s hard to work no my assignment on weekdays, I have something after school everyday also (Second Musical Cast Rehearsal Monday! And unfortunately, Student Council too. I have to work that out >_< )…..yeah I will go into a panic attack soon tommorow, probably after breakfast or something. So, be prepared for a Back-Track Sunday, unless the stress gets to me and I have to calm myself by typing some Archie-related stuff here 🙂 . Wish me luck, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray I won’t faint from stress tommorow!

I’m going to have to cut down on my Personal Life Updates…I’m sure they get really boring after a bit, but I guess it’s my way of venting sometimes…so don’t mind me for some of the parts and posts here, I’ll try to keep everything almost completely Archie-related, but I might slip sometimes.

Hey, I’m a 14-year-old girl 😀 . I have my excuses 🙂  .


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ArchuBIG Update: I FINALLY GOT DAVID’S LATEST PHONE MESSAGE! Can’t Stand It…I have to make an exception to Back-Track Sunday

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