My deserved day of rest! DAILY UPDATE TIME!

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Yaaay! After beating my brains out with homework for a long period of time, I get two days of deserved rest. So let’s see, what are today’s updates….

Before I get to David’s Alloy Blog….



Again, thought maybe I should check to see if there are any new David texts, and what do you know….!

arch David Archuleta

David Says: Hi, just 1 more wk til my new album is available on 11/11! Give me a buzz at 801-386-8196 to hear my personal reminder! Thx!

Stay tuned for the recording, I’ll have it recorded and up in a bit 🙂



Tue Nov 4, 2008

Sweet Charity

Hey all. The radio promo tour has been going great. It’s been fun going from city to city and seeing what they’re all like. I’m in Boston right now, and tomorrow is the last day of the radio promo tour. It’s been crazy bouncing around everywhere, though! Today we went to three states, haha. There’s been some cool things that have gone on while on tour.

When were in Ohio, I visited an all-girls school after they won a contest for which school could raise the most pennies for a cancer charity. I visited the winning school, which was Seton High School (Awesome job again to all the girls there! Thanks for having me and for raising so many pennies!), and answered questions students had. What’s cool is they raised 64 jugs of pennies, so I thought that was really cool of them to raise so many for a good cause. I think they said there were like 560 girls, and they had sooo much energy! Haha. They played “Crush” before I came out, and they were all singing along! It was so weird, but really cool at the same time. While I was on stage, they made me do this dance called the Wiggle-O or something that they always do I guess. It was so much fun there. And it was crazy with over 500 girls! Haha. I’ll load some of the group pictures I took with them. But anyway.

The radio promotion stuff has been fun, haha. The album is out on pre-order now in iTunes! And people are already able to get a song from the album before it officially comes out, which is “Angels.” It’s a slightly different vibe from how I’ve done it before, but not a whole lot. It’s one of my favorite songs, so it’s cool to have that as the cover song on the album. You can also get the pre-order bonus track, which like disappears after the release date, haha, and it’s one I co-wrote! So that’s pretty exciting to have there. I wonder what people will think of it, LOL.

But anyway that’s all the rambling I’ll do for today. Hope you guys enjoy “Angels” for now and the CD later on.


Got a question for David Archuleta? Post it here, and we may ask it when we interview him in November!

Yeah, I haven’t been able to read it yet, but I will very soon! David must enjoy alloy, he blogs there much more than myspace these days 😀

Who are you voting for in the Election (Yeah, I’m a Canadian Archie, but I listen to the news every now and then, plus my religion teacher mentioned it in class today 🙂 )


Note: This is fictional, it’s not really true (atleast I think it’s not true ! 😀 )


Okay now, this is an interesting post FansofDavid has, so I’m going to quote it right over here, since they put it in a better way than I ever could 🙂

I warn you, it’s kind of long, but interesting !

David Overcomes Reservations about “Your Eyes Don’t Lie”

This article from the New York Post initially establishes a tone of fierce competitiveness between David Archuleta and David Cook (honestly, American Idol is over; lay down your weapons).  When Post writer Larry Getlen begins by describing David Archuleta as “squeaky-clean, occasionally bashful and unconditionally adorable,” I my finger wandered toward the mouse and I almost clicked away—all of those adjectives are true, but I began to fear that Getlen didn’t “get” David and would just brush the surface like so many journalists do.

But stick with this article: David discusses the insane pace of recording an album in just a few months and muses about the unique juxtaposition of touring (singing for an audience) while recording in the studio: “There’s a different way of singing in the studio,” he explains, “because you’re not feeding off the crowd. You take several takes, you try to balance and preserve your voice, and sometimes you can be there all day – hours and hours of recording. But it’s really fun, because you get to learn the song and figure out what you want to do with it.”

I was extremely gratified that David seems to be learning the risk-taking lesson that I was hoping Sara Bareilles would teach him (click here to read an article about the David-Sara connection I wrote a few months back):  “The writing of a song, it’s not like, ‘Oh, this line comes and then this line comes,’” says Archuleta, who, in addition to “Don’t Let Go,” also co-wrote the lovelorn “A Little Too Not Over You.” “Even amazing songwriters have writer’s block. What you learn about songwriting is [that] to become a good writer you need to take risks and [be willing to] throw out dumb ideas. When you throw ideas to other people, that’ll help spark an idea for them.”

David also learned not to judge a song to quickly or assume that working with a certain writer would pigeonhole him as a Disney singer:

Your Eyes Don’t Lie” is a slinky song of defiance with a whistling coda, produced by Antonina Armato and Tim James from Rock Mafia. Archuleta initially had doubts about working with the veteran writing/producing team because of one of the pair’s other famous clients.

“At first I was like, they work with Miley Cyrus. Why would I wanna do stuff with Miley Cyrus’ people? Just because we’re both young?” he says. “I don’t wanna be in that category. She’s really talented, but that’s not my kind of thing.”

And once they hit the studio, Archuleta still wasn’t convinced that the song would fit his style. “I was like, I don’t know how I’d sound singing that, if I’d portray the idea of the song very well,” he says. “This is another love kind of song, and it was just really different.”

But ultimately, he saw what talented producers like Rock Mafia (whose members have also worked with Mariah Carey and Green Day) can do, and the song won him over.

“I couldn’t believe how versatile they were,” he says. “They did ‘Your Eyes Don’t Lie’ and ‘You Can,’ and I love that song [too]. It’s a really simple song, but I just love to sing it, and I love what it’s all about.”

But the best part of this long Post article are the reactions from the songwriters who worked with David Archuleta.  You all know how fun it has been over the past months to watch people who have never met David fall under the spell of the Divine Archugaze: radio DJs, journalists, and celebrities alike seem to emerge in a changed state after meeting with David.  JC Chazes had this to say:

NSYNC’s JC Chasez, who co-wrote the peppy plea for love “Don’t Let Go” with Archuleta and veteran songwriter Jimmy Harry (Kelly Clarkson’s “Low”), said that Archuleta showed a maturity beyond his years.

“His voice is out of this world, and he approaches his singing very professionally,” says Chasez. “Some people just jump into the studio raw, but he takes the time to warm up, sit down at the piano, run the scales. He takes it very seriously. When he goes into the studio to sing, that kid is business.”

Chasez says that Archuleta’s vocal strength and endurance – particularly for someone his age – is a rarity.

“After touring, people’s vocals get trashed, but he sang for hours on end and he was still clean,” says Chasez. “It was stunning to hear how much abuse this kid’s voice can take. But because he’s so dedicated to doing it the right way, it always sounds great.”

Stunning…rarity…maturity beyond his years…yes, that’s the David we knew would become a superstar.

I only got to skim through this so far, but I came across the Miley Cyrus comment and found that very interesting. I didn’t realize he noticed Miley’s sound and actually had an opinion on it. Shame on me, tsk tsk. But it’s great to know that he is speaking up for what he believes his sound should be !! 😀


Well, I’ll stop for now, cause I wanna record the phone message, so enjoy! And stay tuned for his latest phone message!

Oh, and a little treat: Jason’s latest Date Night-Talks about Archie inviting him to the Jason Mraz concert!

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