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WOOHOO!!! David performing with his band for the first time!!! He even writes a blog TODAY about it:

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Heey Everybody.  This week has been the week of band rehearsals, and it’s been awesome!  Everyone in the band has been way cool so far, and I’ve had a lot of fun rehearsing my own songs!  We have performances coming up pretty quick here, with Jay Leno tonight already.  I’ve been really enjoying it so far, and am looking forward for what’s coming up!  It’s also getting pretty close to the album release too, which I’m so pumped for.  I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it, since I’ve been spending so much time on it heh.  Anyway, I have things to share with what else has been going on besides the band and rehearsing.  Before things begin to get really hectic and busy, I was able to have some free time and go to Six Flags Magic Mountain!  I love that place.  It’s like roller coaster heaven.  I love X2, Tatsu, Goliath, and Riddler’s Revenge.  All the roller coasters are pretty good there, actually.  I just don’t like when your head bangs side to side on the twisty ones, it gives me a headache.
Another thing I got to do was go to the Jason Mraz concert at the Greek Theater!  We were in the 4th row center and I had such a good time!  Castro came along too, and it’s always good to hang with him.  It’s great the way Mraz communicates with the crowd.  He’s really witty and makes it feel a lot more up-close and personal conversation he’s having, despite the fact that there are thousands of people there.  I loved when he did Only Human, The Remedy, Life Is Beautiful, No Stopping Us, and I’m Yours (of course.. ha…)  Honestly I loved all of them.  Maybe I’m a little biased…. but I’m pretty sure all of the songs were just amazing.  He did Oh Happy Day too!  And that was sooo cool.  K, I’m done with that now.  We got the chance to talk to him for a little bit, even though he was getting MOBBED.  It was really neat to see how friendly and laid back he was in person.  You never know how people are going to be when you meet them, since they’re usually getting dragged all over the place and under a lot of stress.  He kept his cool the entire time though, and I’m sure he’s been doing this for a while now.  I had tickets for when he came to Utah on October 28th, but I had to do promotion stuff and couldn’t go :(.  So I’m really glad I was able to go last Saturday!  All rightyyyy… That’s enough of talking about that.  If you haven’t gotten his new CD yet… you should really check it out 🙂
The last thing I’d like to talk about is something I did at the Universal City Walk.  It’s this thing called iFly, and oh my heck!  It’s roocks!  You get to fly in a tube!  I have a couple of pictures that I’ll put up.  I was a little nervous at first, but it’s not even scary when you get in there.  I kinda slobbered over myself, but that’s ok because it was totally worth it.  I can’t really explain how it was because it was… just a really different experience.  I guess it was kinda being like a bird or something… you just don’t move around a whole lot and you’re inside a tube.  I guess I got a DVD of it… but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to show that haha.  Anyway I’ve written quite a bit in this one, so I’ll try to get back later.  5 Days until the CD comes out!
P.S. I know I talked a ton about Jason Mraz, but I think that only makes it even more appropriate to share one of his songs today.  So the song for today is A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz.  It’s amaaazing when he does it live too!

He even puts it in capitals for the title 😀 . Sounds like he’s excited.
But seriously….what person can make slobbering all over yourself sound really cute??

You know the one 🙂




Let’s just hope my parents let me stay up until 11:30 to watch it!

Here are some FTW pictures of David rehearsing with his band!

rehearse005 rehearse003 rehearse004 rehearse


Hey! Videos!!!
I won’t explain them, I’ll just let you discover them for yourself 🙂


I just watched the BusRadio Interview above, and I about DIED at that part where David was given three options on who his girlfriend should be, and David’s all so confused, and then he misunderstood whats he said, and he started laughing really hard in embarrasment…

And how like, option C was the interviewer herself, and then when he’s given the options, he’s like, “Well…Number C’s looking pretty good.. :)”, and then you realize in a few seconds that he said NUMBER C (took me a minute to figure that one out, but looks like David and the interviewer were completely oblivious, cause they never noticed :P)

And how he’s like, “Iiii…nope, never had one.” to the question, if he’s ever had a girlfriend…

Classic, Classic David 😀


**Video of People Interview**


Proof of Album Sneak-Peak being


Now, we all know the biggest news around now is David’s album SNEAK-PEAK! Many Archies have been wondering (including me) have been wondering if this was a legit sneak peak, or a non-legit. I think most people that it was intentional, but if any still had doubts, here’s something you should check out:

So, if you are David’s friend on facebook, you will get occasional bulletins from him, right? Well, this was his latest bulletn (Actually, this bulletin was posted two times, once yesterday and once today)

From: David Archuleta
Date: Nov 6, 2008 1:49 PM
Body: Get a Sneak Peek into David’s DEBUT ALBUM here:

http://www. iheartmusic. com/cc-common/mfeatures/davidarchuletaSP/

Pre-Order the album NOW on iTUNES!

Album in stores NOVEMBER 11th!

I think this is proof enough to say that it was an intentional leak.

Now a bunch of us can relax 😀

Well, I have piano lessons today, so I better skidaddle and practice, but I’ll do whatever I can to stay up to watch DAVID ON JAAY LEENO!!

I am so psyched!!

P.S: I still haven’t broken down and listened to the album yet! Yes, I have listened to My Hands and ALTNOY, but I had pratically listened to most of those songs anyway from those first long leaks, so it didn’t really affect me, I had pretty much heard most of the song MUCH earlier. But the others, the new ones that only had the 30 second clips, I have not listened to yet. NOVEMBER 11TH HAS TO HAVE A NAME! I CANNOT RUIN IT BY LISTENING TO THEM NOW!

It hasn’t been too hard actually :).
Which is good.
Some force is helping me out these days, so temptation doesn’t come over me.


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Just a little reminder… A depressing stop to WalMart yesterday…

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