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I have no words to speak. I’m still in Shock-ODD-Mode, and is about to move on to Hyperventilation-Fangurl-Mode.

David answers our prayers once again…….*THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Hmmm…trivia time!
Where did David perform is Debut single with his new band for the first time?

Watch it in High Definition courtesy of


Yay to FansOfDavid for this video!


I wonder if this is definite, but it seems they have decided what David’s single will be?
Take a gander:

Haha 🙂 . Personally, I would not have picked Touch My Hand as his next single. From the only three songs on the album I’ve heard so far: My Hands, Touch My Hands, and ALTNOY (the first three long leaks), I would have picked either my hands or ALTNOY. But it’s okay, Touch My Hands is still a great song! 🙂


Album Insert Pictures!

Pretty, ain’t they? *swoon*
David really knows how to say thank you 🙂 . Notice the whole bunch of writing on the second picture? Yes, I don’t know much on how CD’s are set up, I don’t have any CD’s except one that I got for a birthday, but I’m guessing these are his LINER NOTES, or that big list of thank you’s that many were shocked over (length-wise). Someone correct me if I’m wrong 😀



Can we believe it? Five weeks???? YAYAYAY! Now all we need is two more weeks to break…..


It’s a wish all of us would hope to be true. Unfortunately, David has had to bow down to Leona Lewis this week. Still, we should not be extremely disappointed. We can still break the record, we just hae to start over again. David is VH1’s special guest next week, so atleast let’s get him back on the way to breaking the record!!

I will post the VH1 Top 20 Recap video as soon as I find it 🙂 . Hopefully the VH1 staff will have some shocked reaction at David’s not winning this week? 🙂

Of course I still congratulate Leona Lewis for taking the number 1 spot again! It was a tough feat to beat David 🙂


Here is something I still cannot believe!

Off of FansOfDavid:

…And Don’t Forget the Z100 Chat on Monday!  Have you registered yet?

David will be online chatting on Z100 Monday at 3pm ET!  You must register as a ZVIP member to be included in the chat; click on the graphic below to get that done!

David….chatting with us…..ONLINE? Or have I just got it wrong?
I think I might have to skip this event….I’m already hyperventilating at the thought of actually chatting with David…can I control my ODD? I think not!

Somehow I feel if I try going to this event, no good will come out of my end result 😛
Hopefully I’ll be able to prep and control myself to join the chat, cause I would be devestated if I passed up an oppurtunity like this 🙂

Don’t forget…if you missed David’s interview with Disney….I did record all the interview parts, and sliced out all of the music, for your convenience. I do apologize that there are so many parts, and they are all pretty short indeed, because Disney likes to leave us in suspense by a minute of words from David, then switching to five minutes of music and commercials :P. If you would like to me bunch all the parts up into one, leave a comment and request it. Or you can just download the interview piece by piece. Sorry, I was in a rush, so I didn’t have time to piece all the tiny interview parts into one 🙂 .

Part 1 of Disney Interview

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Forgive me if some of the Parts are repeated, not included, etc. I uploaded and linked these in a hurry. If there’s a mistake, let me know and I’ll fix it right away!

Off of FansofDavid:

David Archuleta to appear on MTV Buzzworthy November 11

How much more can we cram into David’s debut album drop day?  Here’s one more: David will appearing on MTV’s Buzzworthy and they need your questions!  So far, only 28 people have responded!

Click the graphic to go to the MTV Buzzworthy site:

David Archuleta will be stopping by Camp Buzzworthy this Tuesday, November 11 – the same day as the release of his highly anticipated debut album AND his live performance on TRL – and I’m turning over the interview to his Buzzworthy fans!

Post your Archu-questions in the Archu-comments, and I’ll do my best to ask them when I interview him!

If you wanna know how he manages to cram so much adorability into one human being, or who he’s got a “Crush” on, or what Jason Castro’s hair looks like in person, this could be your chance!

Another appearence on David’s debut day?? I hope the little guy can let it all sink in, it’s gonna be the best of nutterbuttering days for him! I do hope they don’t ask him who he’s got a “Crush” on, but I guess that’s too much to hope for, isin’t it 🙂 ? No other interviewer has really been able to avoid asking it. Lol 🙂


Phew…..break time 🙂

PS: 4 MORE ARCHU-NUTTERBUTTERING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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David was so amazing on Radio Disney!!! 3 New Snippets/DAVID’S CD WILL RELEASE IN CANADA!

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