Cook fans: My Review of Cook’s Album!

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In a new brought Cook-Rush I’ve gotten, I’ve decided to go ahead and listen to Cook’s album, and from the songs I’ve already heard, I now feel truly bad for not buying his CD when I first saw it on the shelfs last Saturday at HMV. I would have bought it too, if I had the money to buy it with me! Somehow, I feel it will be sold out by next Saturday, but now that I think about it, when I checked last Saturday, Archie’s album was not sold out at all yet, and it had been out for almost two weeks, (I’m sure many people still bought Archie’s album ofcourse….maybe they restock all the time 🙂 ) so I’m hoping that there will still be a bunch of Cook CD’s still in stock next Saturday also, since it only released last week, so that I can buy it. Yes….an Archie wants to buy Cook’s album! 🙂

This is gonna bother me…whether there will be more Cook CD’s in stock for me to buy….until Saturday, so for now I’m going to go and review the songs I have listened to so far from Cook’s album, for any Cook or Cook-Archie fans here!

Permanent: So far, my favourite song that I have heard from his album. It is so….what is the word….deep? The piano intro is intensifying, and it just intensifies more and more throughout the song. Maybe it’s because I love ballads, but I just love the song. It shows so much emotion. It is an amazing song.

A Daily Anthem: This song is also a kind-of slow song, but more picked-up then Permanent. I like the intro, and the verse in his lower registry is amazing. When it’s the chorus, and he sings, “It’s A…..”, you can just feel the lift of the song bring you up. Perfect song.

Time Of My Life: What can I say? I loved this since I heard it and watched it performed the night David Cook sang it when he was announced American Idol. It is such an inspirational song, it’s lyrics so lifting. I can just feel myself swaying with it when I listen. Awesome!

I Did It For You: The tune of this is…happier than say the song…Permanent. It’s actually pretty similar to “A Daily Anthem”, so I’m not sure how to critique it. But, for sure, it is it’s own song. It’s a really nice song. 🙂

Avalanche: The song has a slow tune at the beginning, but you can feel it building up to the chorus.  It’s a nice song, maybe not the nicest in the album, but definetely a nice listen.

Lie: I like this song. It’s slow. It’s not like a “slow and then build up to chorus” song, it maintains the about same speed throughout the song, even though it does build up a little bit on the second chorus, but not so much. That doesn’t mean it isin’t good. It is, it really is. It’s something like…”You Can” on Archie’s album. It doesn’t super build up, it maintains about the same speed and tone throughout. A nice listen 🙂

Bar-ba-sol: Just from the name, you can tell it’s a unique song. It is. This song might just contain the most “rock” then the other songs, but you can feel a little hint of…jazz, I think. Definetely one of the more “rock” songs on the album. Not a personal fav, but cool all in all.

Come Back To Me: I like the intro to this song, it kind of takes you and makes you feel like bopping in your seat a little, in it’s rythm. It’s catchy. Soft verse, with a stronger chorus, like alot of his songs, but catchy rythm.

Light On: As his first single, I think it was a good choice. Seems like a really good radio-friendly song. I love the chorus. Really catchy. Defintely a good first single.

I think I missed a few songs, but I will critique those ones a little later.
All in all, there is a definite sound in Cook’s album, unlike Archie’s, which has a bit of everything. That does conclude alot of Cook’s songs to be similar, but it is still a good listen.

I absolutely adore “Permanent”.

Hope the Cook fans like this! 😀

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