Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, David sings awaaay….!

December 4, 2008 at 6:22 pm Leave a comment

And we’ve heard, it was an EPIC, EPIC concert! 😀

Before I go hyperventilate, here are some VIDEOS! (Courtesy of FansofDavid!)

Works For Me:

Another View of WORKS FOR ME:

A Little Too Not Over You

You Can


Touch My Hand

Now here’s a little story from FansOfDavid I’m SURE you’d love to hear 🙂

David Archuleta touches one girl’s hand during “Touch My Hand” at the Sacramento Jingle Ball.  One girl.  Lucky girl.  Smart David. I think that crowd just may have eaten him alive if he would have stuck his hand in the wrong place.  THEY LOVED HIM IN SACRAMENTO!

Ohmygosh…..ONE GIRL’S HAND. I guess that is the girl he decided to “just sing to” last night (as he says in his AOL Sessions interview 🙂 )

Photos to come!


Okay, I officially LOVE Fansofdavid. They have the most awesome news. Like this!

ALTNOY on-set pics!!!

MissMary found it! She’s da bomb!  From LovingArchie, click to make larger:

So…I was just with my friend, and she tells me that her friend (coincidently with the same name as me, just spelled differently) was at her friend’s uncle’s house in LA.

and at this house, SHE MET DAVID!!!! It was the house that they were shooting the new music video at, and she got to be an extra in it!

I think I’m going to die! Do you SEE that pool in the night????
Could this new music video ACTUALLY be more THUD-worthy and death-waiting than CRUSH???

Oh wait! Archuleta Fanscene has a bunch of mroe pictures (yes, a few are repeats 🙂 )
David Archuleta

David Archuleta


Remember “Road to a Cure” Gala? Archulete Fanscene has a video of David singing the song. Go run and check it out!


Come on, David must have enough money, he doesn’t need a part time job at DEL TACO?

And in the DRIVE THROUGH, too???

All photos are from FansofDavid 🙂 (Or from wherever FansofDavid got them from 😀 )

Check out more pictures HERE!


It’s time for me to finally WATCH these wonderful Jingle Ball Videos (I know, i always do this, post-then-watch).


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Why can’t David get any privacy these days? NEW TXT AND VOICE MSG!

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