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***Exception to Silent Sunday 🙂

I am seriously wondering if David took a blogging class while he was on tour or recording or something. I mean, his blogs before were yes, amazing, as anything David is, but NOW….they are just PURE LOVE!! David’s latest blog, today, is so hilarious, and yet so DAVID.

But the whole “losing his phone” part was just uncalled for>
The phone part is just priceless.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Jingle Ball Updates

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know about how the first radio show went! The first Jingle Ball was in Sacramento, and it was AMAAZZIINNGGG!!! I couldn’t believe how exciting it was! The other acts that were there were Jesse McCartney, Katy Perry, Boys Like Girls, and Shontelle. It was neat to have Shontelle there because I became friends with her at the Macy’s Parade haha. Go familiar faces! But I seriously had the time of my life. I was so nervous before the show, wondering what I was going to say on stage and how I was going to perform. It kind of just came out though, and the energy of the band and crowd was just such a great feeling. It was cool to see all the signs you guys made too! It made me feel more comfortable to see some of you guys out there cheering on, so thanks everyone for coming out! Hopefully you guys will get to go to a show if haven’t gone yet. If any of you are going to come to upcoming shows let me know.
Another really exciting thing that happened this week was filming the music video for A Little Too Not Over You. This video was so much fun! It took a lot longer, but I really had a great time. The director was really creative and fun to work with, and the people who were in the video were hilarious! They’re working on editing it and getting everything together now, but I can’t wait to see the finished product.
Other thing that happened this week: I lost my phone 2 days ago lol. That wasn’t nearly as fun and exciting as the other things, but oh well I guess. I’m pretty sure I left it on the plane, but they wouldn’t let me back on the airplane because the next destination it was going was an international flight to Vancouver. I guess you can’t go on the plane if it’s international because of security reasons or something. I couldn’t do anything about it either because we had to catch another flight going to Orlando, so I went to Orlando as my phone went to Vancouver. I’m actually kinda envious that my phone got to go to Vancouver before I did. I wish I went too lol. But I was really happy about going to Florida. I had a few things to do there like record a bunch of lines, and I got to go to Disneyworld! That totally cheered up my mood. We went to all of the parks and I was a happy camper. My aunt, uncle, and cousins who live in that area also came to visit, and I was really glad that I was able to hang out with them. Gotta love family. The sad thing is that I usually take pictures using my phone, so I didn’t have a camera until I went on the safari in Animal Kingdom. My camera died right after that anyway. I’ll try to put some pictures up though. We had the coolest tour guide helping us out too. He was really friendly and helpful. Oh David Cook was there too by the way. We ran into each other in front of Pirates of the Caribbean haha. It’s always fun bumping into him. Sorry I’m saying all of these events totally out of order but I can’t remember the exact… like… timeline haha. But anyway, I could go on forever about Disneyworld in a disorganized manner but then this would be 3 times longer and make even less sense than it already does.
I’ll just mention one more thing before I go, I performed at the Hollywood and Highland Christmas Tree Lighting in California the other night. After that I dropped by the KIIS FM Jingle Ball. So for those of you who went, I hope you had fun!

P.S. Congrats to Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Sara Bareilles for their Grammy Nominations!
Others that were nominated that I’m excited for: Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Coldplay, well a lot haha.

Song for the day: Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple

We love you, David. And we ADORE your hilarious blogs. I’m sure your phone had fun in Vancouver 🙂 .


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Silent Sunday

Yees, I am going to need to take a break this weekend. Sundays are days when I need to catch up on work 🙂 .

But you’ll be glad to know that you can go to jwipe’s youtube channel to watch all the AMAZING videos from the Holiday of Hope Treelighting event, which ofcourse, David was at yesterday! NOW RUN OVER THERE AND WATCH THOSE VIDEOS!

Oh Holy Night is DEATH!
And the fans singing Happy Birthday to Archie…….. 🙂


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Happy Saturday!

This is the cutest video ever. Ofcourse we all knew how amazing that first day was for David, the day that he finally was exposed to the world with his OWN SONG, “Crush”….but isin’t it amazing to hear him say it again? 🙂

David Behind the Scenes with the Fans

Wow, David’s life is more hectic then we can imagine!
Click here to watch!

Access Hollywood interview from the Cedars-Sinai Gala!

Ryan and Archie Reunion. How sweet 🙂
You’ll have to wait for the second part to see David. First we have Ryan to go through. He’s love 🙂


David Archuleta — “Crush” — Pepsi Smash Performance

Let me paint a picture…

David walks into a flower shop….the lady at the counter asks him if he needs help, but he says he will go just go look for some flowers “or something” ( 🙂 ). So then he goes around a flower, ironically, with a hands-free microphone (hey, you never know when you’re going to need one), and is singing “Crush” while picking up a beautiful bouquet. Now to note, this is NOT the recorded version, as in, he is NOT LIP-SYNCING. He is actually singing through that hands-free mic, the music is just turned down. He gives the flowers to the lady, and she wraps them. With a little, “Yeah, that looks great..Thank You.”, he takes the bouquet, and blends into the wonderful sunlight (When you’re Archie, who needs to pay?).

Now all we’re wondering is who that bouquet is for…. 🙂

Here’s a ‘made-up’ scenario/music video sponsored by Pepsi

David Archuleta sings his hit song while picking out flowers at the local flower shop.

Click here to watch.


Please note:  International fans may need to set their computer clocks to U.S. time zones to access video.

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Archu-Irritation here!

I am having an archu-breakdown right now. And mostly because I forgot my headphones at home, and have to resort to waiting ’till I go home to watch all the wonderful new videos. And furthermore, I’ve got my “Weekend Laziness” rolling in, in which I am SO lazy to post anything. But I have a duty to the archies, so I will post 🙂

The computers here at school are VERY frustating…come on, the Student Lab in the library should atleast be good…anyways, it is very slow, and I can’t stand it, I can’t do anything on it, so I must endure the walk all the way home. LOL again this is frustrating because if I go home, I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to post (soccer in gym at the end of the day….not good).

So just incase I have no energy to post, you can find all the latest news at FansOfDavid. They have alot of good stuff for you today. Also check my blogroll for some of my favourite Archie sites. (If you want your site on my blogroll, leave me a comment or send me an email to everythingdavidworld.gmail.com). I ask for forgiveness in advance if I cannot post all the latest news, but I will try my best.

OKAY I better go try to walk home now. HAVE FUN ARCHUOBSESSING!

Archeyangel 🙂

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arch David

David here. Checking in from my video shoot in LA 4 next single “A Little Too Not Over You”. Call me @ (801) 386-8196 to hear my latest msg! Thx.

YAAAAY a new msg!! Lmao, FansofDavid was quicker than me this time, I am usually the one sending them voicemail messages, but they sped ahead of me 🙂 . So you can click here and scroll through the post to listen to David’s new voicemail message. I will see if I record it this time or not, since it is already up on FansofDavid, but I will try to, so there can be a download link 🙂 . Stay tuned!

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Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, David sings awaaay….!

And we’ve heard, it was an EPIC, EPIC concert! 😀

Before I go hyperventilate, here are some VIDEOS! (Courtesy of FansofDavid!)

Works For Me:

Another View of WORKS FOR ME:

A Little Too Not Over You

You Can


Touch My Hand

Now here’s a little story from FansOfDavid I’m SURE you’d love to hear 🙂

David Archuleta touches one girl’s hand during “Touch My Hand” at the Sacramento Jingle Ball.  One girl.  Lucky girl.  Smart David. I think that crowd just may have eaten him alive if he would have stuck his hand in the wrong place.  THEY LOVED HIM IN SACRAMENTO!

Ohmygosh…..ONE GIRL’S HAND. I guess that is the girl he decided to “just sing to” last night (as he says in his AOL Sessions interview 🙂 )

Photos to come!


Okay, I officially LOVE Fansofdavid. They have the most awesome news. Like this!

ALTNOY on-set pics!!!

MissMary found it! She’s da bomb!  From LovingArchie, click to make larger:

So…I was just with my friend, and she tells me that her friend (coincidently with the same name as me, just spelled differently) was at her friend’s uncle’s house in LA.

and at this house, SHE MET DAVID!!!! It was the house that they were shooting the new music video at, and she got to be an extra in it!

I think I’m going to die! Do you SEE that pool in the night????
Could this new music video ACTUALLY be more THUD-worthy and death-waiting than CRUSH???

Oh wait! Archuleta Fanscene has a bunch of mroe pictures (yes, a few are repeats 🙂 )
David Archuleta

David Archuleta


Remember “Road to a Cure” Gala? Archulete Fanscene has a video of David singing the song. Go run and check it out!


Come on, David must have enough money, he doesn’t need a part time job at DEL TACO?

And in the DRIVE THROUGH, too???

All photos are from FansofDavid 🙂 (Or from wherever FansofDavid got them from 😀 )

Check out more pictures HERE!


It’s time for me to finally WATCH these wonderful Jingle Ball Videos (I know, i always do this, post-then-watch).

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Why can’t David get any privacy these days?

I would post this video right on here, but I feel so uncomfortable, knowing that this was a “not welcome” taken video. Maybe I will embed it here later, but right now I just don’t have the heart to do it, so click here if you want to see the dark side of fame.

Poor David and his mom, Lupe, were taking a nice walk down a street, when they started getting stalked by a paparazzzi person, who I am not sure, but I think is from TMZ?….David Archuleta fans, I have to say, watching this video will hurt the very core of your heart. Lupe and David are very polite, more then he deserved, and they had to resort to covering their faces with the papers and map they had in their hands, turning around, David just walking all over, and finally jumping into a cab. I feel so bad, especially for David, he looked frightened and completely annoyed, he had to walk right behind his mom so he wouldn’t get a randomn picture taken of him. Props to you Lupe, you were so there for your son 🙂 . And I just love how, at the beginning, David was their for his mom. When the guy first started talking to Lupe, she was so nice and actually answered him, and David was the sweetest, taking her and guiding her away. It’s true mother-son love.

If only it didn’t have to be like THAT 😦 .

I hope there are not too many people like these in the world.

Which is why I don’t have the heart to embed the video here, but I guess I’d like to show what he has to go through for all the things he does for us, and how our support must not waver. And this can go into the “Things NOT to do with David Archuleta”. He wants his privacy, and we can all thud in front of him when he gives us the permission (performances, Meet-And-Greets, signing). Do NOT be like this guy. We love you David 😀 !

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